Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BHIP Finally Gets It's New Sign!

BHIP staff members, Renato Jordan with his sister, Karen, and Rick Echevarria,
pose with Richie Robles who helped install the new BHIP sign
After 2 years of existence, advocating for our community's low-income families and undocumented immigrant tenants, helping them retain their apartments here in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Bushwick Housing Independence Project (BHIP) finally got it's new sign for our 330 Central Ave. office location! This new sign will provide us with greater visability in the community, and make it much easier for us to be located by community residents.. which is the most important reason of all.

Glenn poses with the large ( 3 ft. x 17ft. ) sign

The new sign was designed and created by Glenn Angel Echevarria as a joint venture between BHIP and the Center for the Arts & Culture @St. John the Baptist; a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community arts center located at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Bedford-Stuyveant, Brooklyn (where Glenn is the Center's Director, and one of it's main artists). Glenn has offered his assistance to BHIP, and donated services to the organization such as painting the offices, and even taking photos at BHIP staff meetings, tenant meetings, tenant's apartments to document their actual conditions, and pictures of BHIP staff members (all of which you see on this blog site).

Glenn works on installing the sign

This volunteer assistance has been very beneficial to BHIP's work, and growth over the last few months, and are grateful to Glenn for his involvement with us, for his time, talent, and community activism. Both Msgr. John Powis and Rick Echevarria have assisted Glenn as well by being active advisors for him and his volunteer group at the Center for the Arts & Culture at St. John the Baptist over the last 4 years.

Rick Echevarria gives his brother, Glenn, a helping hand

Our good friend, Richie Robles, on the job

The new sign was created over a month period, and after dealing with some very cold and crazy weather conditions, which included the biggest snow storm in New York City history, it was finally installed this March to the staff's delight.. and even Glenn himself. We thank Glenn for the great work on the sign, and thank Richie Robles, and Kris Echevarria for their assistance getting the sign up with him.

Come see BHIP's new sign when you pass by 330 Central Ave. across the street from St. Barbara's Church. You can't miss it!

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